MyOrg's Custom Web Programming

Do I need Custom Web Programming?

Sure now a days you can search the web and find lots of free programs. And that piece of software might Some of what you want. It also usually does a lot of things you don't need. There is NO one-size-fits-all solution that work for your business. Hiring a programmer to work in your office can be very expensive. So your best option is to hire a company like MyOrg to handle your small business programming needs.

Content Management System (CMS)

Many custom software developers will build you something based on a known CMS. Granted this can save some time, nut also can be the easiest to hack. At MyOrg we prefer to use our own custom proven system & build you a create custom online solutions that is exactly what you need.

Security and Technology

Another important reason for using Custom Web Programming is for the increased security. MyOrg like to take the approach for Custom Web Programming by being mindful of Security and Technology. MyOrg works to create websites that are more resistant to hackers and attacks. We prefer to make use of security technologies, such as SSL, or data encryption. Now a days' most e-commerce, financial transactions, medical information requires a high-level of safety and security.

Database Development

At MyOrg we are fully trained Database Engineers. We are most experienced with MySQL but are additionally trained for Oracle and Microsoft SQL.We Prefer MySQL because there is no cost for the small business Users & is almost always installed on most Unix web host systems already. If you need any type of database integration to/from your website-E-commerce, inventory management, registrations, online forms, product display, we can help tie these together for you in a comprehensive database that contains all desired information regarding your business, your products and your services.

LAMP Development

MyOrg programmer's employs the LAMP stack software bundle when programming a website from scratch. That simply means using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP as your Operating System, Web Server, Database, and Programming Language respectively. PHP is one of the most widely used scripting languages because of its ability to span multiple platforms, allowing users on all types of web servers access and useable functionality. Coding your website in PHP will allow for all dynamic functioning capability.

Custom Web Programming for your small Business by MyOrg can be your answer. MyOrg would be happy to discuss your neeeds for Custom Web programming dor your Small Business Website for free.