Webmaster Service by MyOrg

What can a Webmaster do for You?

Your busy running your small business, let MyOrg handle any of these services for you.

Basic Website Service

Also Known as One Time Maintenance. Does your small Business need?
  1. Locate a webhost to use?
  2. Initial Setup of your Website
  3. General walk-thru of your site?
  4. Website One Time Update?
The basic Website service is for those clients that need work right away, and know the spectrum of work needed. Website work is quoted at a flat rate, and almost always delivered post payment or on a 50/50 payment agreement. Most types of website maintenance include things such as image replacement, copy insertion/removal, CSS edits, PHP or server side language fixes, SQL tweaks, or even whole site walk through's for optimization.

Website Management

Our monthly webmaster plans are perfect for the individual or small business that needs the website or small amount of websites to be maintained.If your website(s) can benefit from about 1 to 10 hours of work each month or maybe more. We can complete ongoing web related tasks that might be taking your time away from more important small business needs.

We Can Help Your Website Stay Current

  1. Database Administration & Optimizing
  2. eCommerce Product Management
  3. Website Content Updates
  4. Create New Webpages
  5. Blog Management
  6. News Updates
  7. Event Updates
  8. Project Management
  9. Hosting Management
  11. LAMP - PHP/MySQL
  12. Photoshop | Photo Editing
  13. And More . .just ask.

Hire a Webmaster?

Our webmaster are seasoned experts that treat your Small business Website like it's our own!
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