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We could have designed this web site with all types of fancy interactions to show off our skills, but we opted for an attractive and modern approach making the site easy to navigate for our customers and to rank well in all the search engines. Planning for your web site is essential if the end result is to meet your company's goals.

MyOrg, Inc. Internet Web Hosting & Design Company Ask yourself what you intend your web site to do?

Do you require your web site to attract more clients? Reach a wider audience? Or is your websiteís main function to provide existing clients with information only? Do you wish to sell products on your web site, or simply advertise your products or services?

As an example we wanted MyOrg.com to be user-friendly, search engine friendly, attractive, provide clear and easy navigation to pages that will interest our website visitors, comply with W3C standards and above all rank well for search engines. We have achieved our goal.

MyOrg, Inc. Internet Web Hosting & Design Company Your Budget

This is very important because many web design companies will over charge, some are cowboys and some are professional web site designers. However, be sure not to use the friend of a friend who will design a web site for an attractive price, because your company web site won't get the results that you need in search engines.

In the End having your web site designed by an established professional web site design company will deliver the results your company needs. Tell us your allocated budget for website design and we will tell you what can be achieved.† If you do not have a budget, we can work with you and build the basics of your site and then grow the site as your needs change.

MyOrg, Inc. Internet Web Hosting & Design Company Your Competitors

It's important to check your competitorís web sites. Are they already doing what you want to be doing? Chances are they are, but that gives you the opportunity to list the good and bad points about their web sites and plan what you can do to get a step ahead.

How well do their web sites rank in search engines for popular keywords and phrases in relation to the products they are selling or the services they provide? How many other web sites link to theirs? You can learn a great deal of important information from your competitorís web sites.


MyOrg, Inc. Internet Web Hosting & Design Company Web Site Design

Your web site has to be designed by a professional web site designer who knows how to program your web site to perform well in search engines, and provide your online customers with a clear and easy way to navigate through your site.

You have to include specific written content about your products and services throughout your site, remember, it's specific content that your customers will search for and try to find on your web site. This written content needs to be integrated in your web site in places where search engines can find it.

What you see on this page right now is not what the search engine robots "Spiders" see when they crawl your web site looking for content. They look through the web pages code that sits behind the screen.

You may wish to leave your web site design to us, or you may have your own ideas. Either way we can work together to produce the web site that you require using modern website programming skills. You will also be able to view and comment on your web site design as we progress.

MyOrg, Inc. Internet Web Hosting & Design Company Choose The Right Web Designer

It's important your web site is designed to be productive, attractive, search engine friendly and to portray your company image in the right way. We are always at hand to offer any professional design advice or marketing advice that you may need and we won't let you down.

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